Static Caravan Insurance

If you own a static caravan then obtaining static caravan insurance is something you’ll need to consider. The easiest way to find static caravan insurance is to search for the best policy online. You’ll want to look for the best deal and at the same time the most appropriate policy for you needs. Whether you own or rent your static caravan, having protection is a great way to protect your assets. Even if you rent your static caravan it might be a good idea to take out static caravan insurance in case your caravan is damaged or burgled.

Static caravan insurance is a great way to protect not only the caravan itself, but your personal belongings inside. If your static caravan is in a windy area, or near flood risk zones, you are particularly vulnerable to the forces of nature. If someone breaks into your caravan and steals your possessions, you could be seriously out of pocket. Having static caravan insurance can certainly help with the potentially high costs of replacing your property.

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to get static caravan insurance is to fill out the free online quote form on one or more insurance websites. There is no obligation to apply and you should receive a quote within a 24 hour period. You can compare prices between the companies you apply with and determine which deal is most suitable for your financial situation. However, be sure to check the policy of each static caravan insurance provider. A cheap deal doesn’t always mean the best deal.

When reading over the terms and conditions of each policy, take note of any exclusions or limits. For example, some personal possessions may not be covered, such as cameras, camcorders, jewellery, and so on. You may need to pay for additional cover if you want a fully comprehensive plan. Before you buy any insurance policy for your static caravan, ask about how much you might expect to be paid if you had to replace your caravan. This is known as agreed value.

You can take measures to reduce your static caravan insurance premium by taking safety precautions such as installing a smoke detector, fire alarm, and fire extinguisher. You should mention to the potential insurer that you have these things in place and if you don’t ask if there are ways to reduce the monthly premium costs. Keeping your static caravan locked to deter would-be thieves may also bring down the cost of static caravan insurance.

If you determine your static caravan is in a high-risk area, ask about storm damage cover. This type of policy will help protect your caravan against lightening, damage by trees falling, flooding, and so on. The more you understand about a particular static caravan insurance policy, the better decision you can make before you purchase.